Skinner West Volunteer Opportunities


Become involved in the Skinner West community

Skinner West is so fortunate to have the support of a wide range of sources, from its teachers, alumni, and parents to the neighborhood business community and our local government representatives. All of these groups contribute something that helps make Skinner a special place for our students.

On-Site Volunteering

Field Trips: Chaperoning field trips is a great way to volunteer with your child’s class. Teachers will coordinate as needs arise (usually with a note on the permission slip for the field trip).

Room Parents: These volunteers are needed for each class in every grade as well as our ancillary classes. Room parents’ or co-room parents’ primary responsibilities are determined in consultation with each teacher. Room parents also communicate classroom specific information to the classroom they support. Learn more about Skinner’s room parent program or email

In-Class and Schoolwide Events: At certain times of the year, classes may hold celebrations during the school day. Or, there may be school activities (such as field days or fun runs) that require additional parent volunteers. These will be announced via notes home, emails from room parents, and/or the weekly school newsletter.

Volunteer Application Process

For the safety and security of all our students, faculty, and staff, EVERY volunteer who interacts with students through volunteerism must complete a volunteer application. Read more about the requirements to become a volunteer and submit an application

Off-Site Volunteering

While many volunteer opportunities are on-site at Skinner West Elementary School, there are also behind-the-scenes opportunities that don’t necessarily require in-person participation.Meeting dates and information for these groups can be found on the school’s calendar or in the weekly newsletter.

Local School Council (LSC)

An elected body composed of parents, neighbors, teachers, and administrators with budgetary and principal selection responsibilities. Council members serve two-year terms. Learn more about the LSC

LSC Committees

The committees bring together working groups of parent volunteers and staff in order to support and improve our school. Committees make recommendations to the LSC, although they do not make final binding decisions for the school. Joining an LSC committee is a way to share ideas, concerns, and expertise, and finally as a way to participate, support, and improve Skinner West. Attend one of our regular meetings to listen or voice your ideas.

Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC): Skinner West offers a Transitional Bilingual program and the BAC advises on matters related this program. We also develop projects, activities, and events to celebrate the growing multicultural population at Skinner West. Keep an eye out for upcoming events!

Communications Committee: Ongoing and transparent communications is critical for our busy families. The Communications Committee is responsible for the weekly newsletters, website content, social media channels, and other communications throughout the school year. Learn more about the Communications Committee.

School Improvement Committee (formerly Expansion Committee): Learn more about the School Improvement Committee.

Facilities Committee: The Facilities Committee reviews safety policies in addition to evaluating exterior/interior beautification, maintenance, and clean-up projects that arise. The committee coordinates with the administration and LSC to identify areas of focus and assess funding and staffing needs when applicable. Email Aisha Crump for more information

Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC): The PPLC is comprised of teachers that serve as grade level team-leaders and the two teacher representatives on the LSC. The LSC teacher representatives act as the co-chairs of this committee. The PPLC’s purpose is to develop and present recommendations to the principal and LSC regarding curriculum methods and content, school improvement planning and implementation, and local expenditures and budgeting to achieve these goals. The PPLC also plays an integral role in curriculum planning, school improvement, and allocations of funds for these purposes.

Friends of Skinner West (FOSW)

FOSW is a not-for-profit organization of parents, community members, teachers, and school administrators dedicated to supporting the Mark T. Skinner West School through fundraising and community-building efforts. It is our goal to help meet and exceed the needs of the Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP). Get involved by volunteering or making a donation.

Gallery 111

This group provides arts exposure and special arts education programming to our Skinner Superstars throughout the school year. They love it! Get involved in Gallery 111’s monthly meeting to curate arts programming for each classroom or attend the Gallery 111 annual adults-only fundraiser, No Art Left Behind! Learn more about Gallery 111 or email

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)/Forum

The PTO/Forum provides both monetary and parent-power/volunteer support to the school. In the past, PTO/Forum has fulfilled areas of funding gaps. Get involved by volunteering or making a donation.

Important Fundraisers

Don’t have time to volunteer, but still want to make an impact? Gallery 111, FOWS, and the PTO/Forum all accept monetary donations on behalf of Skinner West. In addition, these programs help raise funds:

Birthday Name in Lights:Wish your Superstar a happy birthday or send a congratulatory note on our electronic billboard for a $25 donation used to help fund for our 8th grade field trip to Washington, DC. Learn more about the Name in Lights program.

Box Tops for Education:Help purchase library items every time you go grocery shopping! Collect box tops at no cost to you. Learn more about Box Tops at Skinner West.

Skinner West Giving: Run by the Skinner West School Forum, parents and community members are able to set up on-time or regular donations to the general fund at

Other volunteer opportunities arise throughout the school and will be announced in our weekly newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up-to-date!