Dr. Rhea Bush, Principal

Hello Superstars,

Welcome to our school! Can you feel the magic in the air? I can!

I am super excited in anticipation of everything that is to come this school year. It’s no secret that Skinner has the BEST students, the BEST staff, the BEST parents, and the BEST community members. Our future is bright, because of YOUR investment in Skinner’s success and the rich traditions that anchor our school.

I look forward to our collective voices and actions as we continually develop our Superstar students. Your voice is valued, and your feedback is crucial to Skinner’s continued success.

Together, we will journey through another year of learning, living, and loving. As we embark on this voyage, always remember that Superstars shine. It’s in our DNA.

Let’s show that Skinner spirit!

Dr. Bush, Principal

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