Mrs. Deborah M. Clark, Principal

We are proud and excited to welcome you to our new and improved Skinner School Website! One of our priority goals is to improve communication between school and home and school and the larger community. You will now be able to get useful information and find out about all the wonderful Skinner activities and events in a timely manner rather than finding a flyer buried deep in a back pack after the event has taken place or worse, not receiving the information at all!

Please visit the site on a daily/weekly basis for information about:

• school activities • parent and committee meetings • field trips • teacher pages
• curriculum plans • homework • calendar reminders • fundraising events

You will also be able to access educational links that may be helpful for homework assignments, additional practice, and research or for enrichment and fun! We also plan to feature outstanding student work and accomplishments!

I would like to thank our teachers, LSC members, Forum and parents for providing their input and financial support in bringing this new and improved website to you! As a premier school, we are continuously striving to improve how well we serve our Skinner "Superstars" families. I feel this website will help us stay connected with you on all aspects of the Skinner educational experience!

Wishing all of our Superstars another academically challenging, fun-filled and productive school year!

Deborah M. Clark Principal

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