Dr. Rhea Bush, Principal

August 11, 2023

Welcome Superstars!

We are gearing up for another amazing school year. Last year, not only did we shift back to full in-person learning while celebrating Skinner traditions, we also implemented many new programs and initiatives to provide our scholars with the Superstar experience.

This year we are doing even more. Safety is always our #1 priority. Skinner staff participated in professional learning to make the necessary adjustments to enhance student safety. We ask that every Superstar submit a Level 1 volunteer application (for the new school year) and continue offering your time as an
investment in Skinner’s success.

Skinner is known for high academic standards and extracurricular programs; this year is no different. We will continue bolstering our academic strengths in early learning, reading/ language arts, and mathematics; yet, this year we are investing in tier 1 science instruction (KDG-8th) by adopting new science curricula to ensure that our Superstars are engaged in inquiry-based learning. Our sports program is expanding, and for the first time in Skinner’s history we will offer Dance as an elective course.

EVERY Superstar will be supported. Our focus on inclusion for our diverse learners and English learners remains. Our priorities to provide extensive academic and social emotional learning support for all students remains. Our connection and collaboration between the school, families, and the West Loop community remains.

Let’s go Superstars!

In partnership,

Dr. Bush, Principal

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