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One of the main methods of communicating to our parents about weekly activities and updates is through our email newsletter: the Skinner Week-at-a-Glance Newsletter. Emailed to you once-a-week every Thursday evening, the newsletter provides reminders of key dates and events in the upcoming week, classroom information, fundraisers and activities through the school.  In order to sign up for these newsletters, please enter your email address(es) on the left side of the home page.  We highly encourage signing up, as this is also another means of communicating to parents of school closures, snow days or other emergency reminders.  

Skinner West has many volunteer opportunities available.  Check out the 2014-2015 volunteer brochure here and find out how you can get involved with your child's school

To submit articles for the newsletter or to provide feedback or comments, please contact

If you would like to learn more about the Skinner West Communications committee, or contact Linda King HERE

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