MARK T. SKINNER (1813-1887)

Mark T. Skinner (1813-1887), a prominent lawyer and civic leader, first arrived in Chicago in 1836.  Here he spent the remaining fifty-one years of his life in demonstrating his interest in the welfare of the people of his adopted city.

He served this city and state as Judge of the Cook County Court of Common Pleas, City Attorney of Chicago, City School Inspector, member of the State Legislature, United States District Attorney of Illinois, member of the United States Sanitary Commission and President of the Chicago Sanitary Commission.

Mark T. Skinner helped organize the "Young Men's Association", a forerunner of the Great Chicago Public Library, and was founder of a Chicago school established for the laudable purpose of educating homeless boys.  He was one of the corroborators of the Chicago Gas Light and Coke Company, the old Chicago Marine and Fire Insurance Company, the State Insurance Company, and director of the Galena, Chicago and Union Railroad and the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad.

In 1859 city fathers acknowledged the civic contributions of Mark T. Skinner twenty-eight years before his death by naming for him the Mark T. Skinner School.