School Improvement Committee

Chair: Kevin Bolden, LSC parent representative

The School Improvement Committee (SIP) combined with the former Expansion Committee. The committee focuses on the following areas:

  • Overseeing Skinner West’s Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP)

  • Promoting equity for all Skinner Superstars

  • Optimizing school resources for current and expected demand

  • Promoting manageable class sizes

  • Identifying more funding opportunities for the school

  • Advancing academic programming and curriculum

As required by the LSC, the SIP oversees the CIWP. Required for all Chicago Public Schools, the CWIP establishes the school's mission, vision, and strategic priorities for the next two years, along with specific actions the school will use to achieve the goals. A subcommittee of the SIP was established to work on detailed CIWP priorities and metrics as well as to brainstorm CIWP implementation tools and strategies specific to Skinner West. The CIWP subcommittee regularly reports progress and updates to the SIP.

The SIP works with the principal and assistant principals to advance these areas of focus in coordination with other LSC committees and Friends of Skinner West. The committee is comprised of administrators, teachers, and parents. Parents are welcome to attend all SIP meetings. For more information, see the calendar.