Skinner in the News


2019 Citywide Invention Convention Superstars

Congratulations to the 10 Skinner West 3rd grade students were chosen to compete among 350 students.

  • Isabella R - Cat Ear Cleaner 3000

  • Shlok S - Home Plant Saver

  • oshua Mu - Trapdoor Road

  • Dilan J - Recess Mud Guards

  • Sonya T - Bring It! App

  • Lucy K - Hallway Helper

  • Kayleigh L - Astro Bow

  • Joy C - Go Goal Kalista R - Bunk Book Holder

  • Aiden R - Picker 3000


On Saturday April 6th, the citywide Invention Convention was held. The following students won prizes. Honorable Mention:

  • Kayleigh L.

  • Shlok S.

  • Kalista R. 3rd Place

  • Sonya T. 2nd Place

Lucy K. Sonya T. and Lucy K. were invited to attend the National Invention Convention as a part of the top vote recipients overall.


Feb 24, 2019: Grand Opening Ceremony of our new Annex

On Sunday, February 24th, 2019 Skinner Superstars and Families welcomed Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Walter Burnett at the Grand Opening Ceremony of our new Annex. The four-story annex has provided Skinner with the much needed twenty-two new classrooms.


CNA Partnership

Over the 2018 holiday season, CNA presented Skinner with a $40,000 check in celebration of 40 years of partnership with our Superstars! Mrs. Clark has approval to use half of those funds to purchase brand new computers for our new computer lab in the annex. The primary chorus students sang holiday songs and enjoyed a holiday lunch after their performance.


2018-2019: The Skinner West Debate Team

...participated in the Chicago Middle School Debate League Tournament Five the 2018-2019 season on Saturday, March 9. The overall topic for the year is: 'Immigration', and the cases being debated at this Tournament were 'H-1B Visas and 'Open Borders'. Over 300 debaters across 90 teams from 31 schools competed at the tournament, but the students did a great job against some tough competition and won the awards listed below. Some highlights we would especially like to point out are: 1) Of the 16 teams that are moving on to the State Tournament, Skinner West is sending 8 of them, as many as the rest of the entire CMSDL combined. 2) Skinner West won 35% of all possible awards at the tournament (26 out of 74).


Individual Winners:

  • 4th- Mary Y

  • 5th- Isabelle G

  • 7th- Arhan G

  • 9th- Rebecca B

  • 11th- Darian K

  • 13th- Aadi K

  • 15th - Sophie M

  • 17th - Jonathan C

  • 20th - Amber P

Team Winners:

  • 2nd-Mary Y. and Rebecca B

  • 3rd- Darian K. and Arhan G.

  • 4th-Isabella G and Sirrena J

  • 5th-Maya S. and Ashna S.

  • 6th-Barry G. and Gabriel K

  • 7th- Jonathan C. and JunHui G.


Individual Winners

  • 1st - Anna S.

  • 2nd-Sunshine P.

  • 3rd-Nikita A.

  • 6th-Max B.

  • 14th-Trey T.

  • 20th-Katelyn L.

Team Winners

  • 2nd-Sunshine P. and Trey T.

  • 4th -Nikita A. and Anna S.


Individual Winners

  • 8th-Jake L.

Team Winners

  • 5th-Jake L. and Alex G.

  • 8th-Jenny C. and Nicole B.


CPS Selects Skinner West's Principal Clark Inaugural Independent School Principal Program

We're proud to have been selected as one of the inaugural independent schools selected as part of the Independent school principal program.  CPS will allow experienced, high-performing principals to run their schools with less oversight from Central Office and greater flexibility to innovate.

Skinner West is awarded with a 2013 National Blue Ribbon Award








Congratulations to Skinner West -  A Top Ranked School

Skinner West is ranked as a Top 10 school in Illinois! Skinner West ranked 7th among 2,202 elementary schools in Illinois and 1,430 middle schools in Illinois, with 99.2% of Skinner West students meeting or exceeding state standards! The rankings are based on the Sun-Times' analysis of state achievement test data, and reflects the average scores of students within each school. Congratulations to Skinner West's students, faculty, administration, and parents for Skinner West's continued success.