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2016 - 2017 Classroom Roster & Room #s

Main Office Hours are: 8:15 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. 

If your child is in the STAR Program, and you need to reach the office (ONLY FOR EMERGENCY PURPOSES), you should call the main number at 773-534-7790 and when prompted, enter the 5-digit extension of 61159. This is the security desk. Please note, if you do not receive an answer, try calling back because the security personnel may have stepped away. Please do not leave messages. Try calling back until someone answers.

If your child is in the Skinner Park Program, and you need to reach someone for EMERGENCY PURPOSES ONLY, please call the park district at 312-746-5560 (business office).

FOR EMERGENCY PURPOSES ONLY, if you need to reach someone after 6:30 P.M., you should call Chicago Public Schools at 773-553-1000.

RM #
Alvizuri, Alejandro Website   Spanish
Alexander, Rachel   400 1st Branch
Baron, Matthew Website 2nd Fl Ldg. ELL
Batchelor, Brandon Website 319 8th Grade
Bovit, Jacqueline Website 201 Art
Carlson, Julie Website 220 4th Grade
Christiansen, Jen Website 316 7th Grade
Chen,Jialing Website    
Cusack, Patricial   218 3rd Grade
Daigle , Katie Website 121 2nd Grade
Dalal, Yasmin Website 216 3rd Grade
Fisher, Jenna Website 214 3rd Grade
Fitzsimmons, Conor Website 323 7th Grade
Growe, Candice Website 116 Kindergarten
Haddad, Yara Website 122 2nd
Hernandez, Maria Website   Spanish
Hill, Jennifer   313 Spec. Ed Upper
Irvin, Yamini Website 317 6th Grade
Johnson, Ryan Website Gym Physical Education
Lee, Jared Website 321 6th Grade
Lewandowski, Kevin Website 318 5th Grade
Linke, Joseph Website 217 5th Grade
Lohman, Sarah Website 119 3rd Grade
Luna, Teresa   110 Spec. Ed/Case Manager
Maatouk, Lisa
Skinner West Music Page
Website 311 Music
McSpadden, Donna Website 322 7th Grade
Martin, Kara Website 405 1st Grade
Melendez, Gabriela Website 211 6th Grade
Mellos, Vickie Website 320 8th Grade
Merkin, Jeff Website 404 Kindergarten
Milroy, Kori Website 226 Science
O'Brien, Patrick   221 4th Grade
O'Brien, Shannon Website 114 Primary Special Ed
O’Connor, Mary Beth Website 118 2nd Grade
Oluewu, Ashley Website 218 3rd Grade
Priola, Sarah Website 401 Kindergarten
Ranftl, Kelly Website 300 Library
Robinson, R Send Email   Assistant Principal
Rosenzweig, Sharon
Rm 314 Classroom website
Website 314 5th Grade
Rupp, Megan Website 222 4th Grade
Salameda, Joanna Website 402 1st Grade
Sandoval, Magdalena Website 2nd Fl Ldg. Spanish
Sendoun, Halyna Website 326 8th Grade
Sittner, Amy Website 120 1st Grade
Sobut, Stacey   403 Kindergarten
Travis, Stephanie Website 223 4th Grade
Thorne, Stacey Website 226 Science
Ward, Adrienne Website 123 2nd Grade
Wardanian, Beth Website 211 Resource Support
Werner, Ramel Website 211 Resource Support
Westendorf, Joy Website Gym Physical Education
Willis, Jason   312 6th Grade
Wyper, Ashley Website 212 3rd Grade
Mrs. Clark Send Email   Principal
Mrs. Robinson Send Email   Assistant Principal




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