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School Policies

Parents and Students: 

Please take time to read the Skinner West School Policies.  If there are any questions, please contact the main office with questions. Thank you for your cooperation.

New Cell Phone Policy for Grades 6-8 (*Effective 2/29/16)

Skinner has implemented a new and stricter cell phone policy for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  The policy was updated to further Skinner School's goal of keeping all Superstars safe under the CPS Student Code of Conduct and to minimize disruptions and distractions within the classroom and during lunch and recess.  

  • Cell phones must be turned off and placed in a pocket, backpack, or purse upon entry into Skinner West School.
  • Upon arrival to homeroom classes, phones must be turned in to the homeroom teacher.
  • Teachers will collect cell phones and place in labeled Ziploc bags with the students’ names on them.
  • Cell phones will be locked up throughout the course of the school day.
  • At the end of the school day (3:45), cell phones will be returned to the students by the homeroom teacher.
  • If a student is tardy, the student must report to the homeroom teacher to deliver their tardy slip and cell phone.
  • If a teacher is absent, a team member or administrator will assist with the collection of cell phones. If this does not occur, students are to keep their cell phones turned off and kept in a pocket, purse, or backpack until leaving the school for the day.
  • Early Dismissal - If a student has an early dismissal, the student can go back to the homeroom teacher to pick up his/her cell phone.


Violation of The CPS Student Code of Conduct:  Acts 1-8 and 3-11

First Offense: Cell phone is confiscated by teacher and sent to the office. Parent must pick  up cell phone from the office. Student will serve a lunch detention and reflection.

Second Offense: Cell phone is confiscated by the teacher and sent to the office. Parent must pick up the cell phone. Student will receive a CPS Misconduct Report, and serve a one day In- school suspension.

Third Offense: Cell phone is confiscated by the teacher and sent to the office. Parent must pick up the cell phone. Student will receive a CPS Misconduct Report and up to two days out of school suspension.

Attendance and Promotion

Students who are absent from school must bring a signed note by their parent or doctor explaining the reason for the absence in order to be considered “excused.” Without a valid cause, a student will be marked for an “unexcused” absence. If a student has more than 9 unexcused absences and they are in a benchmark grade (3rd, 6th, or 8th), they may not be promoted. Click here for Grades 3-6 Promotion Policy, and click here for the Grade 8 Promotion Policy. A student who attends school for at least 5 hours is marked for a full day of attendance while a student who attends for 2.5 hours is marked for a half-day.

  • If your child is absent, please provide your teacher a note with a parent's or doctor's signature in order to receive an excused absence. This is mandatory to receive an excused absence 
  • A phone call to our main office is strictly optional 
  • You may receive a recorded phone call from CPS indicating that your student is absent. 
  • According to the CPS promotion policy, 3rd, 6th, and 8th grade students will NOT be promoted to the next grade level if they have more than 9 unexcused absences. 
  • Click HERE to review the promotion and absentee policy 
  • If you know in advance your child will be absent, please work with your teacher to make up missed time.

Students may not be dropped off before 8:00 a.m.  Based on new CPS policy, teachers won't be available to supervise students before 8:45 a.m.   

  • Drop - Offs 
    Parents must drop their children off on the Monroe Street side of the building. This year the Monroe Street door will be open between 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. for students to enter. After 9:00 a.m., the Monroe Street door will be locked and students must enter the building through the main entrance and get a tardy slip. Please do not park or try to drop off on Adams Street in the bus drop-off zone. We will have twenty-one CPS buses and additional private transportation vans dropping off in this area. Please help to maintain safety and smooth operations by adhering to the policy.

As a reminder, students and parents should not enter classrooms or roam the hallways until 8:45am, when classes officially starts. Please have students report directly to the cafeteria or the gymnasium.

  • For Kindergarten, 1st  and 2nd Grades  
    Before entering the north entrance of the cafeteria, you may drop off your bookbags, coats, and other non-fragile items into the large rolling bins. Each bin is labeled with the teacher's name. The carts will be rolled to their respective classrooms at the start of class.
  • For 3rd and 4th Graders  
    Third and fourth graders may drop off their backpacks along the north wall of the cafeteria (just next to the kindergarten tables). Students will have to retrieve their belongings themselves before they go to their classrooms.

During morning drop off, the cafeteria can get quite congested.  Please follow these simple procedures to avoid items being left behind in the cafeteria.  Also remind your children to follow these rules so they can become accustomed to the process!

  • Breakfast:  
    If students want a free breakfast in the morning, they should go directly into the cafeteria.   If your child needs breakfast in the morning, please have them arrive at 8:30am to insure they have enough time to finish their breakfast. Breakfast starts promptly at 8:30am, and students will be dismissed to their rooms at 8:45am. If 5th - 8th graders are not eating breakfast, they should report directly to the gym.

To help relieve some of the congestion in the halls we are asking parents with strollers to park them next to the security desk before going to any classroom.

  • Dismissal  -  Pick - Ups 
    Kindergartners must be picked up from inside the gym.

First graders will be picked up from the lunchroom.

Students in 2nd - 8th grades will be dismissed outside  in front of the building on the Adams Street side.  

Students waiting to be picked up by a parent will be dismissed outside on the Adams Street side of the building supervised by Skinner Staff until 3:55 p.m.(ten minutes).  After 3:55 p.m., late pick ups will be brought inside the vestibule and parents will be charged a $10.00 late fee.  Parents MUST make arrangements to have their child picked up on time everyday.   We do not have staff to supervise late pick - ups.  We have three after school programs (STAR, Skinner Park & Union Park), which parents should look into if they need after school care.

  • Teacher Availability 
    Teachers will not have  time before school to meet with parents.  Parents must make an appointment to see the teacher.  Appointments can be made via the teacher's page on the Skinner website, calling the office or by sending a note to the teacher.
  • Avoid a Ticket 
    Please do not block any driveways in the community area , double park or block a crosswalk while dropping off or picking up your child.  DO NOT PARK ON THE MONROE STREET SIDE DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL IN THE MORNINGS OR EVENINGS.   

In the morning the Monroe Street side is a "kiss and go (drive up- drop off and drive away)" area.  Even if you are dropping off a kindergartener, please do not park in the kiss and go area even temporarily.  Other parents need to be able to use this area to drop off their children.  Find parking in another area if you are going to exit your car for ANY period of time.   

In the evenings, the Monroe side is used for school bus pick - up only.

DO NOT PARK ON THE ADAMS STREET SIDE DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL IN THE MORNINGS. In the mornings, the Adams side is used for school bus drop-off only.

In the evening, the Adams street side school parking zone is a "pick up and drive away" area.  Do not leave your car for extended periods of time.  Other parents need to be able to use this area to pick up their children. Please find legal parking in other areas if you are going to exit your car for extended periods of time.    

  • Parking Lot
    Our parking lot is very small and is for staff only in the mornings. Please do not park in the staff lot or block other cars. Parents may park in the lot for pick-up after school if a space is available. 

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to these procedures. We are looking forward to another safe and orderly school year. 

  • Bus Information

Parents of qualified students should receive a yellow postcard with  busing information from the Chicago Public Schools Bureau of Transportation, indicating the pickup location for your child. Parents should call the bus company to obtain the bus route information and pickup time.   

Latino Express Bus Company 

The students in the special education classes use the:  
Illinois Central School Bus Company

The CPS Policies can be found here 

  • Sign In
    All parents entering the building and entering a classroom must stop at the security desk to obtain a badge 
  • Safety and Security
    After 9:00 a.m. , anyone entering the building must be buzzed in and must sign in at the security desk for a visitor's pass. To reduce classroom interruptions, parents wanting to visit a classroom must have prior approval or an appointment with the teacher. Parents who wish to volunteer in the classrooms are welcomed and can make arrangements with the teacher so that security will be aware of your visit.
  • Late Arrival/Early Dismissal
    Any student entering the building after 9:00 must stop by the front office for a tardy slip.

    Any child requiring an early dismissal must stop by the front office .  Parents must come to the main office to pick up their child. 

  • Bully Free Policy
    Bullying WILL NOT BE TOLERATED at Skinner West. That is why our logo says "proud to be bully free". If your child feels like they are being bullied or sees another student being bullied, they are encouraged to report it immediately to their teacher. In addition, students can anonymously report bullying by dropping a note in the "BULLY BOX" located in the front office.
  • PE Uniforms

PE Uniforms are mandatory for all students. Students in grades K-5 must wear their PE uniform to school on their designated PE day(s). Upper grade students (grades 6-8) are allowed to change into their PE uniforms in the first 5 minutes of their PE class time, but have to change back into their clothes on their own time. Any clothing purchased in previous years is always acceptable. Recommended PE uniform vendors will be provided shortly. Parents may send their kids to school in clothes purchased from outside vendors, as long as the colors are in accordance with CPS policy and are either school colors (Purple & Gold) or CPS colors (Navy Blue & White). Finally, all students must have appropriate footwear to participate in PE classes. They must have gym shoes. No boots of any kind can be worn during PE class. Also, flats, sandals, flip flops, dress shoes, high heels, and crocks are considered inappropriate in a movement setting, so  if a student does not have appropriate footwear ready when they come to the gym for class, they will not be able to participate for that period. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ryan Johnson & Joy Westendorf - Physical Education Teachers 

  • Birthday/Holiday
    All store-bought treats for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions may be shared during your child’s lunch period only.


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