2019-2020 School Year 
Week #28: May 1 -7
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CPS 2019 - 2020 (Revised) Calendar:  here
New Articles

A Virtual LSC Meeting was held on Thursday, April 30th.  
Please find a copy of the Principal Clark's Notes here.

Thank you to all of the attendees!  Our first Virtual LSC meeting has an estimated 50 participants!

The next virtual LSC meeting will be held May 12th at 6:00.

A big Thank You to all of the Superstars, families and teachers that are working together to make remote learning successful.  This is new territory for majority of us, so thank you for your patience while we navigate how to keep our students engaged and excited about learning each week.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on remote learning, please contact your child's teacher.

Skinner's Remote Learning plans can be found HERE, and will be updated at the beginning of each week.

Congratulations to our upper grade Superstars on the success of their History Fair Projects.  Several of the Superstar history fair projects made it to the Regional Competition, and the following 7 Superstars are going on to the State Competition: Illinois History Day!

Student(s)Project TitleMedia
Alexandra A.
Our Future, His Present: Nikola Tesla's Impact on Modern Electricity and Technology
Eloise G.
For Action is Indeed the Sole Medium of Expression for Ethics: The Hull House Steps to Better Life for ChicagoansExhibit
Cyriana L., Parker T.
Universal Communication: Mexican Muralism's Influence in America
Maura S.
The First National Private Eye: The Pinkerton Detective Agency
Kaetlyn T.The Power of Pride
Rebecca B.
Taking a Minute to Pawse

Check out the History Fair 2020 Student Recognition for all participants.
CMHF 2020 Student Recognition
CMHF 2020 Student Recognition

Many thanks to Mr. Fitzsimmons for coaching our Superstars on their History Fair journey!

Our Skinner West teachers are the best!  We are so thankful for their hard work and dedication to our Superstars!
Send a special note, drawing, or pic to your child's teacher to let them know how grateful you are for all that they do.

Did you know that Skinner West is on Facebook?

Follow the link to join the Skinner West Facebook Page.

Ms. Maatouk shared the following video of a student named Austin Z. doing a musical assignment.

If you'd like to try this yourself, check out Ollie Tunmer at the Beat Goes On.

Merit School of Music in the West Loop will be holding their Virtual Gala 2020 on Tuesday, May 5th at 7 PM.

Refer to the Merit School website for more details.

Several local museums and institutions have provided the following links for educational learning.

Repeat Articles

Due to the closure of school for the remainder of the year, PTO will have to cancel the Cookie Dough Fundraiser.  If you participated, any checks that were received have not been deposited and will be shredded.

For reimbursement of cash sent in, PTO will mail a check to you. Please email Joey Lynn Pinaglia at with the information listed below:

Child's name
Room Number
Home Address
Phone Number

We appreciate you participating and hope you are staying safe and well!

Thank you,
Skinner West PTO

Check out the activities students were engaged in for PE!  
Way to go Remy F. and Ella K.!  I am very proud of you! - Ms. Westy

Remy F.
4th Grade, Ms. Carlson Room 222
Tuesday, March 17 to Friday, March 20

What is your favorite sport that gets you moving?

My favorite sport that gets me moving is BOP IT.  BOP IT is a balloon game where you have to bop a balloon and get it to land on the floor on your opponent's side.
Rules/setting up/objectives of BOP IT.
  1. You have to be playing on either side of something that has two completely accessible sides and the 2 sides have to be more than 1 foot away from each other (setting up).
  2. You can't go on your opponent's side (rules).
  3. You have to win by 2 points (objectives/rules).
  4. This game is played in points (rules).
  5. The spaces on either side must have a 9 foot  or more area (setting up).
Playing BOP IT is how I got my cardio-vascular activity last week. Each night, my mom, aunt and I played BOP IT for over an hour. We had a great time. Some nights it would be more competitive than other nights. We usually all play together, but sometimes we will have a mini-tournament where the first two people play against each other and then the winner plays the third person. Typically after a game of BOP IT, I am sweating and I can feel my heart beating faster in my chest. These things tell me that I am getting good exercise when playing BOP IT.

Ella K.
1st Grade, Ms. Martin Room 130
Monday, March 16 to Friday, March 27

ActivityTime ActiveDate
Bike, Scooter30 min3/16
Bike, Scooter, Walk1 hour3/17
Bike30 min3/18
Walk, Bike, Soccer45 min3/19
Jog, Walk, 100 Jumping Jacks30 min3/20
1 hr 15 min3/23
Bike45 min3/24
Scooter1 hr3/25
Scooter20 min3/26
Bike30 min3/27


Mrs. DeJulio, 3rd grade, assigned enrichment art by having students follow a video on how to draw faces.  

Vedika K.'s artwork is showcased here for her enrichment art talent.

What a challenge! Great job Vedika!


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