2019-2020 School Year 
Week #23: February 28 - March 5

New Articles

New Articles
LSC Principal Clark Report

Thank you to all who attended Tuesday's LSC meeting.  
Couldn't make the meeting? Please read Mrs. Clark's LSC report here to learn more about school developments. 
The next LSC meeting is on Tuesday, March 17th at 6:00pm.

Gallery 111 Gala & Silent Auction is Saturday Night

We are really excited about the great items in our silent auction.   
Click here to get a preview on some of the auction items!

Can't attend, but still want to support this great cause?
You can bid on auction items from home by registering through the website: . Click "sign in" in the upper right hand corner and you will be all set.  Bidding starts at 7pm this Saturday and 100% of the proceeds go towards our arts programming here at Skinner, including art residencies, field trips and performances

Skinner Safety

Parents & Caregivers,
The drop-off and pick-up situation remains a serious safety issue for our children. We have had several incidents this school year that have threatened the safety of our students and our staff.  

As we continue to work on more ways to make drop-off easier and safer for our children, please consider contacting our local aldermen to alert the officials about the traffic safety issues we are facing. A sample letter can be found here.  Parents can insert their names in the appropriate spaces before sending. 

It takes the entire Skinner community to keep our children safe.  Please make safety a priority and remember the following:
The entire parking lane on Adams Street west of Skinner is designated for parent drop off - Please pull into the parking lane and drop-off your child.  (see pic below)

-  DO NOT PARK IN THE CROSS WALKS (other vehicles cannot see children crossing the street when cars are parked in the crosswalks)
-  Do not turn left from the inside lane of Adams Street onto Throop Street
-   Drop off your child and immediately proceed out of the drop-off areas.  This is not a time to continue a phone conversation
-   Respect our teachers and parent volunteers directing traffic.  It is unacceptable to treat anyone with disrespect - especially those tasked with keeping our children safe
-   You will be ticketed for leaving your vehicles or parking in a 'no parking' zone

Thank You Skinner Families!


The 8th Grade Chipotle Fundraiser was a success! Thank you to all the Skinner Families that supported the fundraiser by having a meal on February 12th. Our 8th grade is one step closer to getting to Washington DC. Special thanks to Ms. Jogmen for coordinating. 

Congratulations Superstar Debaters!

Over 100 debaters across 65 teams from 6 schools competed at the tournament, but the students did a great job against some tough competition and won the awards listed below.

Some highlights we would especially like to point out are: 
1) Skinner West swept the JV division, winning all the team awards. We also won more than half of the Novice team awards. 

15thNoviceIndividualAlexis M.
14thNoviceIndividualDarwin B.
13thNoviceIndividualSamar M.
11thNoviceIndividualMiles K.
10thNoviceIndividualTyler L.
9thNoviceIndividualMaddie L.
8thNoviceIndividualTiara M.
7thNoviceIndividualAdrija D.
5thNoviceIndividualSabrina Q.
2ndNoviceIndividualJosiah R.
15thNoviceTeamTyler L.Bennett S.
13thNoviceTeamAshok C.Tiara M.
11thNoviceTeamVishal S.Ketan N.
8thNoviceTeamErik I.Josiah R.
7thNoviceTeamMiles K.Gabrielle C.
5thNoviceTeamAdrija D.Maddie L.
4thNoviceTeamJoseph D.Riley S.
3rdNoviceTeamAurelie G.Sabrina Q.
2ndNoviceTeamDarwin B.Samar M.
10thJVIndividualJulia C.
8thJVIndividualMatthew Z.
7thJVIndividualAnjali R.
5thJVIndividualJayden I.
4thJVIndividualDaniel B.
3rdJVIndividualAadi K.
9thJVTeamOlivia A.Rebecca B.
8thJVTeamChristian W.
7thJVTeamJunHui G.Piotr P.
6thJVTeamDaniel B.Matthew Z.
5thJVTeamJayden I.Aadi K.
4thJVTeamAleksia L.Maura S.
3rdJVTeamCharlie F.Rolando V.
2ndJVTeamAmber P.Lillie M.
1stJVTeamSophie M.Katelyn T.
8thVarsityIndividualAnna S.
2ndVarsityIndividualKatelyn L.

LSC Elections

Reminder - the deadline to apply for the LSC is March 5th at 3:00pm. Applications for the upcoming LSC Election are available in the Skinner front office and also at 

Don't Miss the Bus to Brooklyn Boulders!

Repeat Articles
Coming Soon - Superstars Summer Camp Details

Parents, are you starting to think about warmer weather and about how your superstar will spend their summer days? Details about this year's Superstars Summer Camp, held at Skinner West, will be out soon!  Keep an eye on these weekly newsletters for more information and for registration. 

Skinner West Spelling Bee


On February 5th and 6th, Skinner West conducted their School Spelling Bee for 4th through 8th grade students.

The following 33 students participated in the spelling bee: Aathreya A, Mackenzie B, Sydney B, Calvin B, Kenley C, Paras C, Penny C, Remy F, Carney F, Tanmay G, Ben H, Levi H, Miles K, Lucy K, Simra K, Norah L, Morgan M, Emika M, Aarav M, Nika M, Aarav M, Lucy N, Amber P, Nimay P, Natalla R, Mitra S, Vishal S, Walker V, Anushri V, Isabelle D, James S, Nicholas T, and Rachel X. 

It was a very exciting event that went all afternoon, leaving the audience members mesmerized in their seats. 33 contestants started and by 3:35 there were only three contestants left:  Paras, Emika and Simra. The Spelling Bee continued the next morning and eventually Simra emerged as  Skinner School's Spelling Bee Champion!!

Please congratulate Simra and all the spelling contestants for a job well done! Simra is a 4th grader in Ms. Carlson's homeroom.  As Skinner School Champion, Simra took an online test to qualify for the Chicago Public Schools Citywide Spelling Bee. Simra was one of only 47 Chicago public school children that qualified!
Simra will be representing Skinner School at the Chicago Public Schools Citywide Spelling Bee on March 12, 2020, at Hyde Park High School. Good luck to Simra!  Thank you to Mr. Lewandowski for coordinating. 

Chess Classes at Skinner - Spring Session

Registration has begun for the Spring Session of Chess Classes at Skinner West.  See the flyer below for more information or go to this link to sign up today.

NWEA Prep Course Offered at Skinner

Test Prep Chicago will be offering its 7th grade NWEA MAP test prep course at Skinner West this spring. High scores on the NWEA MAP exam is critical for gaining admission to Chicago's selective enrollment high schools. The class will meet after school on Fridays  from 4-6 pm for eight sessions. The class begins March 13th. See the flyer below for more information.  To register for this class, please visit: this link.

Important note to parents - We are asking parents of enrolled students to 'drop in' with a snack once during the course to help make sure our Superstars are on on track.  Go to 
this link to sign up for a date/time. 

CPS Budget Overview

Skinner West's Local School Council is pleased to offer you an overview of Chicago Public Schools funding.  Join us on March 16th from 5:30pm-6:30pm for this free event!
Kids First Chicago is a Chicago-based nonprofit whose mission is to provide every child with a high quality education.  Join them as they present an overview of CPS' budgeting process.  The goal of our meeting is to help you better understand how funding is directed to our schools.  We'll discuss the different funding mechanisms that make up CPS' operating budget.  
Please RSVP using the form below.  Spaces are limited.

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