2018-2019 School Year 
Welcome Newsletter #2

Dates to Remember

Elementary & KDG Registration: Every Tuesday & Thursday: 10am-6pm in main office
Skinner STAR Aftercare Registration Due 8/30
FOSW School Supply Drop Off: 8/29 1-3:45pm
 Orientation for New Students Grades 1-5: 8/30 1-2:00pm
 Orientation for New Students Grades 6-8: 8/30 2-3:00pm
Kindergarten Orientation: 8/30 4:00-5:30 pm
First Day of School 2018: Tuesday, 9/4 @ 8:45am 

CPS 2018- 2019 Calendar: here
New Articles
Skinner West Hours of Operation
  • School instructional hours will continue to be 8:45am to 3:45pm M-F
  • Early drop-off in the lunchroom is available starting at 8:00am.  (Free breakfast is available to all students)
  • Fee-based aftercare is available through Skinner STAR program (below) or Skinner Park District.
  • School office hours are 8:15am to 4:30pm M-F 
Letter from Chief Education Officer, Latanya McDade


Please take a moment to read this letter from CPS CEO, Latanya McDade , concerning Skinner's Neighborhood & Classical program.  You can access the letter here. 

Friends of Skinner West (FOSW) has arranged a school supply drop off day! 
Drop off your school supplies on August 29th from 1:00pm -3:45pm to allow teachers time to put everything away and make your child's first day of school easier.   Drop off will be available at both the main building and the branch.
All parents, please deliver your ancillary supplies to the Library it the main building, even if your child's classroom is in the annex. 
Supplies should be placed in separate bags labeled "shared classroom supplies from (child's name)" or "individual supplies for (child's name)" along with your teacher's name. 
Donations are still needed of new school supplies. You can find the donation list as well as purchase your own school supplies at:    
A list of all school supplies can be found here
Folders, notebooks, notebook paper, backpacks, zipper binders, pens, pencils, Expo markers, and calculators are always appreciated. A donation box will be in the school lobby on August 29th for any supplies you wish to donate.   
Please understand that our teachers are busy getting their classrooms set up and are working on the 29th.  They will not be able to meet with you when you drop off your supplies.  Please be thoughtful of their time when delivering your supplies.

  • Please check the website for the school supply lists here 
  • Please remember: purchase your grade level supplies AND the Ancillary list supplies, Art, and Science supplies.
  • NEW!!  School Fees remain the same as 2017.  Find your grade level fees and pay using PayPal Link (found at the bottom of our website) or send a check in with your child.
                         Avoid a Ticket & Keep our Students Safe!  Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures - MAIN BUILDING
Due to the ongoing construction of our new annex, there will be no morning drop off or afternoon pick up for our students on Monroe Street. ALL drop off and pick up will take place ONLY on Adams Street.
  • Once students enter on Adams Street, they must report directly to the lunchroom or gym. Parents and students cannot go to any teacher's classroom without an appointment, and without stopping by the main office first to get a visitor's pass.
  • Kindergarten and First Grade parents will pick their child/children up from the lunchroom at 3:45 P.M.
  • 2nd - 5th grade students will be dismissed at 3:45 P.M.  Parents please receive your child/children on the Adams Street side of the building.
  • 6th - 8th grade students will be dismissed via the back staircase by their teachers, walk along the side of the building near the school's parking lot to Adams Street.
  • Due to the lack of space and congestion in the main lobby, we are asking parents to leave all strollers outside the building.      
  • During dismissal time, please keep the corridors and lobby clear so that students can safely exit the building or get to their after school programs.
  • Please do not park in the bus area on Adams Street during drop off and pick up. It makes it extremely difficult for students to safely get on and off buses when cars are parked in the bus area.
  • We understand parking is challenging in the West Loop. However, we are asking parents not to park in the staff parking lot, and not to block the drive ways of the West Loop residents. We have been warned that parents who block drive ways will be towed.
Please be patient with our new morning drop off and pick up procedures on Adams Street while we await the completion of our much needed Annex. Thank you kindly for your cooperation.   
 Drop off & Pick Up Procedures: Kindergarten and 1st Grade Neighborhood - 225 S. Aberdeen 
Arrival Procedures: Main Building
  • Students may be dropped off as early as 8:15 at the main bldg for breakfast. KDG students will sit in the designated areas for their class. Ms. Hampton, Ms Bautista,  Ms Taylor or Mr Johnson will be there to supervise
  • @8:45-8:50am  Students line up to board the shuttle bus
  • @8:50am  Shuttle to the branch departs; If the child misses the shuttle, it is the parent's responsibility to dropoff at the Branch at the Aberdeen entrance
- OR -
Arrival Procedures: Branch
  • @8:40am, dropoff at arrival begins; Students may eat breakfast at the branch. Students must wait in the cafeteria for their teachers and are not allowed in the classroom unless the teacher is present.
Dismissal Procedures - Pick up at Branch OR Main Bldg
  • You may pick up your child from the branch by 3:35pm
  • @ 3:35pm Students board the shuttle bus to the main building on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  If a parent has not arrived by 3:35pm at the Branch, they MUST pick up at the main bldg
  • @3 :45pm, Parent pick up in the cafeteria of the main bldg
  • Students who are in the STAR Aftercare or Skinner Park aftercare program will report to designated areas
In cases of early dismissals before 3:35pm, the child must be picked up at the branch
New Parent Checklist
New parents - click the following URL for details:

School Bus Information
As in past years, qualified students and parents who have indicated the need for school busing should receive a yellow postcard in the mail the week before school starts.  The postcard will include the pertinent information.  At this time, we do not have additional bus company information.  
If you need more information on student transportation, please visit this page:
Skinner West PTO Needs You!
On the first day of school, enjoy morning refreshments while dropping off your students, compliments of your Skinner West PTO. The PTO supports our school in many ways, including community-building events and fundraising activities. Learn how you can get involved at the first PTO meeting of the year on XXX in the library.  
All parents and teachers are welcome. Even if you can't make it, you can support Skinner West at
Repeat Articles  
Ms. Clark welcome
To all the new Superstar families and to those returning, I'm so excited to kick-off the new school year.  Can you believe the first day is around the corner?  Skinner West is THE premier school in Chicago, so you should be proud to be part of our exceptional learning community.

You're probably already aware that Skinner West was named the #1 Chicago Elementary School in Chicago Magazine's 2016 edition based on a combination of factors - standardized testing, NWEA/MAP math and reading growth, parent/student surveys and attendance. 

We are looking forward to the completion of our new annex in January which will give us more instructional classrooms for all of our programs. This will include new classrooms, a science and STEM labs and an art room and computer lab. This LEED green building will also meet ADA requirements.

As leaders, educators and parents, the Skinner family collaborates to help prepare our students- emotionally, academically, artistically, professionally - for the next phase in their education. Each year, we hear positive updates from our graduates on how they have succeeded and continued their journey in their educational and professional careers, and we beam with pride each and every day to hear such positive news updates! 

We encourage each of you to become active in the Skinner Community.  Attend a Local School Council, Parent Teacher Org PTO/Forum, Friends of Skinner West , Gallery 111 or School Improvement Committee meeting. The LSC also sponsors the Facilities, School Improvement, Communications and Bilingual Advisory subcommittees. All of these organizations are seeking the best interest in our Superstars and the community around them. Become a room parent, volunteer in the library or on one of the committees. Engage with other parents and join the exciting times ahead of us!

These weekly e-newsletters and alerts serve as the main communications format for school-wide communications- news, policies, changes, key dates , classroom  activities and more!  As you meet your new teachers and room parents, you may receive more targeted communications to support your child's Skinner experience. Be sure to like our  Facebook page, and bookmark our website at for more information.  I'm also excited to announce that we'll be soon launching a new website!  Our new logo is above.  

As always, if you have any questions for me, please contact me using the Skinner West parent-only email address: .  We do our best to respond! 
If you have any new parent questions, we have parent volunteers on hand to help by emailing (please label the subject with "new parent question").
Try to enjoy the rest of summer with your Superstar. Stay  on the lookout for more pertinent updates before the first day of school. We look forward to each Superstar returning on Tuesday, September 4th! We are ready for another fantastic school year with our wonderful Superstar families and staff !
Deborah M. Clark
                          CLASSROOM CHANGES FOR 2018-19 
Due our increase in enrollment this summer, we have added a fourth neighborhood kindergarten class to our Skinner family.  Consequently, we had to make the following classroom changes These room changes are temporary, only for a few months , until we are able to move into our new classroom spaces in the annex in January ! Students in these classes are invited to come in on August 30th between 5:00- 6:00 to see their new classroom spaces. We do appreciate your understanding, cooperation and support as we adjust to these temporary changes for our Superstars.

 First Grade Neighborhood -   Mrs Fisher's Class  -  New Room : Main                                                       Building   Room 119

  Third Grade  Classical -         Mrs Rupp's Class -    New Room :  Library                                                   Space  Room  301

   Fifth Grade Classical -          Mr Lewandowski  -     New Room :                                                               Second Floor Science Lab - Room 226  

   Seventh Grade Classical -    Will now be in Rooms 316 and 318 -                  Students will be notified directly of their classroom changes.

I am still amazed that we are able to find spaces in the main building to accommodate our growing needs. We are excited that the start of the new school year is approaching as we get the building and classrooms ready for our Superstars ! We have so much to look forward to in the upcoming school year !  

We are only 5 months away from opening our new annex!  Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Finalized classroom rosters will be included in next week's email newsletter.


STAR Aftercare Program Registration 
Registration for STAR after school program is available. The registration process is online at  
Registration is due by August 30th, and the online form needs to be filled out for each child. Students who were in the program last year must be registered for the new school year.
We do accept PayPal, and Cash or Check payments can be made at the school office during summer office hours - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10-6. 
There will be a small increase over last year's cost (which will be communicated shortly).  More information can be found here
If you have questions, please email the program coordinators at
Looking for Room Parent and Auxiliary Room Parent Volunteers for the 2018-2019 School Year

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Deborah M. Clark
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