2018-2019 School Year
Week #27: March 15th - March 22nd

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Illinois Assessment of Readiness Testing - March 26- April 9th
Spring Picture Day - March 26th
No School, School Improvement Day April 5th

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From the Desk of Mrs. Clark
On Tuesday, March 19th, the LSC held their monthly school meeting.  Please read the latest LSC Report from Mrs. Clark here.  The next LSC meeting will be held on April 23rd at 6pm.

Spring Picture Day is Next Week

Spring Picture Day at Skinner West is on Tuesday, March 26th.  Students will be photographed by Lifetouch National School Studios.

Back by Popular Demand - Skinner West Family Night at the Bulls

We had so much fun at the Bulls game in March that we're doing it again! Join fellow Skinner West families for a special night at the Bulls game on Tuesday, April 9 at 7 pm. (No school the next day!) This is the last home game of the season, and we have something extra special planned: 30 Skinner West Superstars will be randomly selected to high five the Bulls players as they come out of the tunnel at the start of the game! Buy your tickets now for a chance for your child to be selected. Tickets are $25 each. To order tickets, fill out the form that will come home with your child this week and return it to the main office by Friday, March 29. LATE ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Congratulations to the Winners of Skinner's Engineering Convention!

On Wednesday, March 13th, Skinner's third graders participated in the Annual Engineering Convention.  The convention was filled with amazing inventions. Congratulations to the following winners of the convention!  These Skinner Superstars advance to the city convention on April 6th at Hermann Hall on IIT's campus.

Congratulations to the Skinner Debate Team!

Some highlights we would especially like to point out are: 
1) Skinner West took 1st place in two out of the six award categories.
2) Skinner West won 58% of all possible awards at the tournament (29 out of 50).  

Individual Winners:                                  Team Winners:
1st -Maura S.                                          2nd-Jonathan C. and JunHui G.
2nd-Jonathan C.                                     3rd- Mary Y. and Rebecca B.
5th-Aleksia L.                                          4th-Katelyn T. and Sandy K.
7th-JunHui G.                                          5th-Nathaniel W. and Michaela J.
10th- Sandy K.                                        6th-Charlotte M. and Maddie L.
                                                                7th- Darian K. and Arhan G.
                                                                8th-Jayden I. and Aadi K.
Individual Winners                                   Team Winners
2nd-Nikita A.                                            1st-Nikita A. and Anna S.
3rd-Anna S.                                              2nd-Max B. and Katelyn L.
4th-Max B.                                                6th-Sunshine P. and Trey T.
8th-Trey T.
9th-Sunshine P.
10th-Katelyn L.

Individual Winners                                    Team Winners
4th-Jake L.                                                2nd-Jenny C. and Nicole B.
6th-Nicole B.                                             3rd-Jake L. and Alex G.
7th-Alex G.                                                5th-Amira A. and Trayi S.
9th-Tyler G.
10th-Trayi S.

Classroom Connections - 4th Grade

This quarter, Skinner's 4th graders have been reading the novel, Save Me a Seat.  As a fun way to have the book come alive and expose our Superstars to more of the Indian Culture, 4th grade teachers had 2 lovely parent volunteers- Ms. Michelle Perrucci and Ms. Samera Ludwig-come in and do an in-depth lesson about India, the country, the culture, and the food.  The parent volunteers then led the class in cooking an amazing meal of Mango Lassi, Dal with rice and Naan.  It was a great way to enjoy some of what the students had read in the book mixed with hands on fun in the room! Our 4th graders would all recommend the book and definitely the food!

A Special Thank You from Room 119 &120 

West Loop Library Programs
The West Loop Library, located at 122 N. Aberdeen is opening their doors and inviting 7th and 8th grade students two days a week to their YOUmedia space. The hours are Monday and Wednesday, 3:30pm to 5:30 pm. They have workshops that introduce teens to 3D printing, vinyl cutting, gaming, podcasting, photography and a graphic novel club.  For additional information, visit their website.

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Spotlight on Skinner Superstar Championship Swimmers



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