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Staff Spotlight

Spotlight on Skinner Staff

Meet our newest staff members! 

Spotlight on…Mr. Daniel    

Mr. Daniel is currently student teaching in Mr. Cox's 4th grade classroom, room 312. After 30 years in the private sector, Mr. Daniel's wife of 40 years supported his decision to come back to education as a second career. It has been a very rewarding journey for Mr. Daniel and he still enjoys the challenge of helping young minds develop. Mr. Daniel says that maybe one day he'll retire again, but not yet. Mr. Daniel would like to give thanks to all at Roosevelt University who have assisted him during his studies.    




Spotlight on…Ms. Romero

Ms. Romeo is a student teacher in Mrs. Sittner's 1st grade classroom!  She currently attends Roosevelt University and is working towards her Master’s degree in Elementary Education. Before attending Roosevelt University, Ms. Romeo received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a History Minor at Albion College in Albion, Michigan. After graduating from Albion College, Ms. Romeo worked at a not-for-profit organization for a few years before returning to school. She looks forward to being a part of Skinner West for the next few months and learning from the all the students, faculty, and parents here!    






Spotlight on…Mr. Bissell

Mr. Bissell is pursuing his Masters in Education at Roosevelt University, but more importantly he is having a great time student teaching in Mr. Lew's 5th grade classroom! He is originally from Tacoma, Washington and attended college at Wesleyan University. Prior to his time at Skinner, Mr. Bissell wrote and blogged about Seattle elections, worked in the Washington state Legislature, and taught math in Massachusetts.  You might find him riding his bike around the city, swimming in Lake Michigan (in the summer), watching soccer and reading about history.      








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