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Week 11: Nov. 19 -Nov. 26               





November 19, 2015



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Weekly Update 

Friday, Nov.20th

Illinois School Board Members and Administrators Visit to Skinner
9:00 -12:00  

Wednesday, Nov. 25th
Thanksgiving Holiday

Thursday, Nov. 26th

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, Nov. 27th

Thanksgiving Holiday


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 CPS School Calendar 2015-2016
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 New Articles 

Principal Clark's Report
Local School Council Meeting
The Principal Report is prepared monthly by Mrs. Deborah Clark, Mark T. Skinner Elementary School Principal. These reports are presented at the Local School Council (LSC) monthly meeting and discussed. 
Parents, click on this link for 
a copy of the LSC Meeting Principal's Report 
from November 17, 2015.

CPS Budget Crisis
Call for Action

A letter from Mrs. Clark regarding the CPS budget crisis was passed out to parents at report card pick-up and also emailed to parents earlier this week.  Go to this link to review this letter and take action to help prevent this crisis.  

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Skinner's Holiday Concerts - 
(One Date Change in Purple)

    FRIDAY DEC.4: 1:00PM 
SAKS 5th Avenue 700 N Michigan: 121/219
Performance open to the public     
    FRIDAY DEC.42:30PM 
SAKS 5th Avenue 700 N Michigan: 123/124/217
Performance open to the public

    Saturday December 5: 5:15PM 
Outdoor Performance at the Tree lighting Ceremony
Mary Bartleme Park 115 S. Sangamon       
Performance open to the public 

Second and third grades by RSVP only. Fill out the form at:
Mariano's 40 W Halsted:     121/ 219  
Performance open to the public     
Mariano's 40 W Halsted:        123/124/217
 Performance open to the public     
   THURS. DEC. 1012:00 noon performance 
    FRI. DECEMBER 111:00pm 
Palmer House Hilton lobby 212/216
Performance open to the public
    MON. DECEMBER 141:00pm 
Palmer House Hilton lobby 214/218
Performance open to the public

10:00AM: 2nd, 3rd, 5th (211 & 314), 7th, 8th Grades, & Glee Club

2PM: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, Music House Instrumentalists, Rock Band, Glee Club

10:00AM: 2nd, 3rd, 5th (211 & 314), 7th, 8th Grades, & Glee Club


9:30 AM: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, Music House Instrumentalists, Rock Band, Glee Club   

Click on the UPDATED flyers for more details!

2nd Grade Flyer                        3rd Grade Flyer

Skinner Book Fair
Volunteers Needed
Book Fair is coming!  Skinner will host its annual Scholastic Book Fair December 9th to December 17th in the 3rd Floor Library.  

Parents, family, and friends of Skinner students are needed to help make the fair a success! Any amount of time is appreciated, whether it is a whole day or an hour.  Book Fair volunteers will receive Book Fair Bucks to spend at the fair as a thank you gift. 

Please contact Ms. Ranftl at if you are able to volunteer your time.  Volunteers are needed during the following times:

  • Tuesday, December 8th, any time from 8:45 to 3:45 - to help set up the Book Fair  (help set up tables, arrange book displays)                               
  • Wed, Dec. 9th - Thursday, Dec 17th, any time from 8:45 to 3:45 to help run the book fair (help students shop, organize and stock book displays, assist with check-out)   (* additional help needed on Dec. 15th until 6:30 pm)                       
  • Friday, Dec. 18th, 11-3:45 to help pack-up Book Fair (box up remaining books, take down tables, count money)

School Council

The Student Council election was held this week and we would like to congratulate the following students on being elected to our Executive Board. 

President - Darinka S.
Vice President - Aysia G.
Secretary - Imani R.
Historian - Jaylen L.
Treasurer - William H. 

Student Council would also like to congratulate every student that ran for office. It was a very close race for all positions this year! 


Skinner in the News

On November 7th, Skinner's 4th grade Mandarin Classes, led by Ms. Kong, participated in a Chinese Paper Cutting Workshop. This event was broadcasted on China Central TV (CCTV) news station.  It is equivalent as ABC or WGN station.  Please go to this link to view our Skinner Superstars in the news.


Spotlight on Skinner Superstars

November 14, 2015 John S., a second grader in Ms O'Connor's class room 217, participated in the Young Eagles flight program hosted by the  infamous Tuskegee Airmen. John flew in a single engine plane with a licensed pilot for 30 min. He even got a chance to fly the plane, earning a Young Eagles flight certificate. When asked what the best part of the experience was, he replied , being above the clouds and flying with the birds. Congratulations John and remember, the sky is the limit!

Skinner West Superstar 3rd Grader Roman M. was named MVP of his Chicago KICS United U10 travel soccer team for the fall season.  Roman captained the team, producing 8 goals and 6 assists in his squad's campaign in the Northern Illinois Soccer League's Gold Division.  Congratulations Roman!

SelectivePrep Classes 

Registration has started for SelectivePrep's 7th Grade NWEA/MAP Test Program.  The classes run in the late winter/early spring timeframe to prepare for the end of year MAP test.
SelectivePrep offers a 16 hour program to help prepare students for the Measure of Academic Progress (NWEA/MAP) test that will be used for the 7th grade standardized test score. Scores from this test represent one third of the Selective Enrollment admissions score. Additionally, scores from this Exam will play a crucial role in whether or not a student is admitted to other competitive programs including International Baccalaureate (IB) and advanced magnet high schools.

If you would like more information or have any questions, visit their website at  or call 312-409-8411.

Repeat Articles 

Thank you to all who have donated the many supplies to our program so far. We have distributed what we've received to the groups, and will begin our stewardship later this week or early next. 

The items that we still need are:

Wipes - at least 10 containers

*NEW* Clear plastic bins for Lost & Found clothes, lunch boxes, water bottles, and school supplies:|pdp|related_prods_vv|pdpv1

*NEW* One plastic bin for fragile items, i.e. glasses:

Please email Mr. Baron ( to confirm and/or drop the supplies in his area on the second floor outside of the art room. Thank you!

Skinner West Chess

Congratulations to our Skinner West Chess Superstars! On Saturday, November 7th, our chess team participated in the Renaissance Knights Cops & Kids Chess Tournament, at Moos School.
Micah A. (4th grade),  was undefeated in the K-4 group.  The Skinner team of, Micah A.,  Evan H.(3rd grade) and Benjamin M. (4th grade), placed first in the K-4 group. 


Student Principal for a Day

On Monday, November 9th, Skinner West had a new principal for the day -- student Alexandra M.!  
Alexandra's first task was to appointed her classmate Sienna B. as her Assistant Principal.  Both students then had a very busy day as they accompanied Mrs. Clark throughout the day, actively participating in principal duties at Skinner West.  The students visited the classrooms, did office work, made announcements over the PA system, opened the Student Council election assembly,talked to teachers to resolve problems,assisted with technology and musical instruments and had a great lunch of their choosing !  Principal Alexandra and her assistant Sienna had great ideas and were a delight to have assisting that day. As expected , both girls said they were so tired at the end of their busy day !!!!! Mrs Clark is looking forward to more Superstars getting the experience of being Principal for A Day.

This experience was one of the many fabulous items auctioned at Gallery 111's annual gala event to support the art program at Skinner.  This event is held each spring - look for more information soon on this year's gala and how your child could be next year's Principal for a Day!


Spotlight on Skinner Alumni

Milan J., Class of 2014 and Ariane O., Class of 2015 both made the honor roll at De La Salle Institute for the first quarter.  We are proud of them and their academic efforts.  Congratulations!


 Skinner Sibling Lottery is Cancelled 

CPS has cancelled the sibling lottery process for Skinner's 2016-17 school year

  • Over the past years, the sibling lottery program has been an important benefit and need for Skinner families, bridging the gap for families who want to keep their siblings together at the same school.
  • The sibling lottery has been a critical program, allowing students to fill the classroom spots only AFTER neighborhood seats have been filled. Sibling slots have never been filled in substitution of neighborhood openings.
  • The sibling lottery has enabled us not to have split classes where enrollment might be low for a grade level.
  • Every student counts towards critical state funding for Skinner 's curriculum and program needs.


  • CPS has recently notified Skinner West that the sibling lottery process is canceled for Skinner's 2016-17 school year.


Apply for 2016-17 School Year  

Want to apply for testing for your elementary school child for the 2016-17 school year? 
Read on for information on applying to Regional Gifted Schools, Classical Schools, International Gifted Programs, and Academic Centers:
If you would like to apply to these schools using the online application process, your first step is to open an account and request a Personal Identification Number at the online site, The PIN will be mailed to your home address and then you can follow the steps to schedule testing and apply to the school.


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